Stories Are Not Shy

"I thought your copy was beautiful and very well done. I always appreciate working with great writers."

-- P.D. Schmitz, Editor


Put the reader inside the story. Bald facts are not enough. Vivid description, tone, and sensory details move an audience. Let them know what pinches your nerves, what routes you take. Learn what publishers know.


I write for publishers, agencies and businesses that want original content. I find the story behind the information, seek out the best sources and create content that makes your audience smarter, more confident and satisfied.


Tilt and tempt. Provoke a feeling that breathes and sweats. Every story has potential no matter how seemingly mundane the subject. Take a disciplined approach to content creation.


Cultivate a point of view. Joust with ideas. Overturn objections. Turn something inside out ​and ​show the backside. Trust your writer.