Each of my writing projects is custom built, an original. In my professional career I’ve worked as a writer and editor for big and small publishers, companies, and non-profits. 

What Good Writers Do

A daily work routine often revolves around doing the following effectively.

Establish A Point Of View

An approach, attitude, position or perspective is necessary when creating content. If it is blurry, a good writer will bring it into focus.

Build trust

Writers research to find the best sources and give the audience something original that is informative, interesting and relevant. Trust builds loyalty.

Evoke Emotion

Information and data are easy to share, but alone they won’t penetrate a busy person’s barriers. If the writer doesn’t feel it, the audience won’t either. Content should stir something inside of those receiving it.

Connect With Audiences

A story about people who discover, challenge, persist, and provoke or a place that inspires is more rewarding to readers than product features, persuasion and promises.

A good writer with project management skills saves time and effort for marketing managers and publishers. A good writer with reporting skills is a page-turner for editors. A writer who is able to honestly render an experience contributes to any project including the ones editorial, public relations and business pros tackle every day.